About Me (update at bottom)

I started drawing cartoons in early grade school. At first I would copy my brother’s drawings. He was only one year older, but a wonderful artist. When I started drawing my own, we would draw weird cartoons together, passing a single sheet of paper back and fourth, adding to it each time. It was great fun and one of my fondest memories. Sadly, my brother passed away when I was 13, he only 14. He was always a better artist than me and I often wonder how good he would have been.

Inspired by MAD Magazine and others of the sort, I continued to draw cartoons throughout school. I even had a weekly cartoon in the local paper for the small Iowa town where I grew up.

Later on in high school I decided I wanted to go to an art school for my college education (even though I didn’t take art in high school because the art teacher was so restrictive).

I studied graphic design, graduated college, got a job as an art director, changed jobs a few times and eventually (after many years) started my own graphic design company (Bowen Creative Company). Along the way there was a family, a house and a dog added. During all this time, I very rarely did any cartooning. Then something magical happened: my two wonderful daughters grew to around the same age I was when I started drawing my first cartoons. I started showing them silly little doodles and drawings which always brought a smile. So I started sending cartoons to school with their lunches once in a while. The girls would tell me other kids would gather around them at lunch to see if they had a cartoon! After a while, I would “hear about it” on the days I did not include one in their lunch!

Which brings us to present day. It’s just the two daughters and I now (they are with their mom on weekends) and I’m on my fifth year of “Lunch Box Cartoons”. I get up an hour or so before I wake the girls and draw them each a cartoon for the day and hide it in their lunch or day planner… everyday. Or at least most.

Friends and family kept saying I should “do something” with my cartooning. So, I thought I would give it a shot! 

I hope you enjoy my work. It truly is a passion. I love to see my daughter’s reactions, as well as others. So please leave me comments, spread the word, and let’s have some fun.

Guy Bowen

UPDATE 23/1/14: Wow, how time flies. It’s been a long time away from this site and cartooning in general. My life has gone through a few more changes (as is normal I suppose) and I thought I should update this page. My professional life has changed once again. I’m no longer running my own company but am employed as a Creative Director at a very energetic (and busy) design firm just outside of St.Paul. 

My girls are both in high school now and I’ve been away from this site for more than two years. Thought it may be time to get back into it a little! Enjoy the cartoons, leave a comment or just say hey.




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